Monday, March 27, 2017

2017 Bellevue Construction

Bellevue is planning on some road construction this potentially starting as early as April into August 2017.

Wisconsin Public service has been upgrading their utility services prior to any Village construction taking place.

Townhall Road

The Village Board approved a contract with Peters Concrete, Green Bay, to complete a multiphase construction contract to replace/reline sanitary sewer, replace sanitary laterals from the main to the property line, install sidewalk from Lime Kiln Road to Nicole Ann Circle, and replace the road and select curb and gutter.  The contractor has indicated the start date might be mid June, or as early as April depending on work scheduling and ending by August 31st, weather depending.  A preconstruction meeting is scheduled for the week of April 10 with the contractor.  More information to be distributed to the property owners with door hangers and on the Village website.

Denmark State Bank Area Resurfacing

The Village Board approved  contract with North East Asphalt to compete curb repair, base course repair and pavement replacement for multiple roads in the area.  Bel Meadow Drive, Woodgate Trail, Foxfire Lane, Vonda Drive, Valley Haven Lane, Meadow Park Drive, and Woodland Hills Court will all receive this construction starting mid-June and ending before August 31st, weather depending.  A preconstruction meeting is scheduled for the week of April 10 with the contractor.  More information to be distributed to the property owners with door hangers and on the Village website.

Allouez Avenue Sidewalk Construction

A 150-foot piece of sidewalk will be constructed

between the East River trail and River Pines Drive connecting that neighborhood with our trail system.  Construction of this is to be completed before August 31st, weather depending.

Debroux Park Sidewalk Construction

This summer sidewalk will be added along the back of curb along the parking lot of DeBroux Park to provide a safer route for pedestrians to access the parking lot.  Sidewalk connecting from the parking lot to Madrid Drive will not occur at this time due to higher than budgeted estimates.

Huron Road Trail

The trail from Eaton Road north to the Village limits will be pulverized and regraded to strengthen the edges and removing degraded pavement in this section sometime this summer.

Fire Lane Stormsewer Relief Pipe

A storm sewer pipe and check valve will be installed along Fire Lane to reduce the amount of time the floodwaters stay in the road and adjacent property.  Construction of this should happen this summer.  More information to be distributed to the property owners with door hangers and on the Village website.

Find Bellevue Fire-Rescue Department on Facebook

The Fire Department is now live on Facebook with its own page. Please find and like the Fire Department on Facebook at “Village of Bellevue Fire-Rescue Department”. This is a great way to keep up with key safety messages, where and when the members of the Department will be out doing public education presentations, what types of trainings the Fire Department is conducting, and much more. We hope to see you on our page!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Bellevue, A Great Place To Grow---TREES!

Bellevue is a Tree City USA community and as such, we need volunteers to help with our Adopt-a-Tree program to help save our public ash trees from Emerald Ash Borer infestation. If interested in volunteering and helping Bellevue and our wonderful trees, please contact the Village Forester, Doug Tenor, at  

Adopt-A-Tree Program
Help save our public ash trees!  You can select a specific tree to adopt or make a general contribution toward the Adopt-A-Tree program. Think about saving a street tree in front of your house or a tree in your neighborhood park.  Encourage your neighbors to adopt their street tree! With your donation, the Village will apply a 2-year insecticide treatment to help ward of Emerald Ash Borer infestations. 
The price to adopt a tree is dependent on the diameter inch at chest height, measured at 4.5ft up from the ground. Pricing is as follows:
         4” to 20” costs $9 per diameter inch
         20.1” to 30” costs $8 per diameter inch
         30.1” and above costs $7 per diameter inch
Diameter inch can be calculated by measuring the trunk of your tree around in inches, and then dividing by 3.14 (π).  We will begin treatments at the beginning of June. Please contact the department prior to June 1 if you are interested in participating in this program. 

If you have additional questions on EAB, Adopt-A-Tree or the Village Forestry Program please check out the Forestry page on the Village website. 

Agendas, Minutes & Packets On-Line

Since the launch of the Village's updated website in December, we have expanded information available on-line regarding your local government's meetings. Meeting agendas and minutes have been provided on-line by the Village for some time, but new to our website is meeting packet information.

Meeting packets include the supporting information from Village staff that is provided to our elected and appointed officials for use during the meetings they conduct to help make decisions about items included in the agendas. While this information was always available to our citizens or other interested parties, it is now available for download 24/7 on our website.

Information for the Village Board and our other Boards and Commissions is available and will continue to be posted on-line. Closed session information however will continue to not be made available. The Village has already had positive feedback from many of our citizens regarding this information now being more readily available. Check-it out today and stay informed and updated on your Village of Bellevue.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Memorial Tree & Bench Sponsor Program

Through the Memorial Tree and Bench Program anyone can provide a unique dedication to honor a friend, relative, or member of an organization by placing a tree or bench in one of Bellevue’s Parks. This dedication provides a lasting memory and enhances the meaning of a tree or bench to others.  The gift is also a valuable contribution to our park system to be used and enjoyed by all.

Tree Sponsors
The cost of a memorial tree is $425.  This price includes the tree, plaque on recognition board, regular maintenance including fertilizing, pruning and mulching.  The trees are 2 – 2 ½ inches in diameter, balled and burlapped.  Trees will be planted at the appropriate time of the year to ensure optimal growth (typically May & October as weather permits).  Six tree species available for this program include:

  • Freeman Maple
  • Sugar Maple
  • Bur Oak
  • Swamp White Oak
  • Kentucky Coffeetree
  • American Linden
Bench Sponsors
The cost of a memorial bench is $950.  The price includes a six foot bench with a back plaque, and installation on a concrete pad.  Benches will be installed in the early Summer or Fall.

How to Order?
Download the Tree & Bench Sponsor Program brochure here, print, complete and mail in to the Village Offices.