Tuesday, September 5, 2017

August 2017 Building Permit Numbers

The Village issued 36 permits for the month of August for a total permitted value of $1,689,363.  The total for the year (2017) is $26,171,068 and 333 permits issued.  This compares to 354 permits issued for a value of $14,961,384 through the same period last year.  Also interesting to note, the total permitted value of all of 2016 was $18,996,163.  That means the Village has exceeded last years total permitted value in approximately only a little over half the year.  The year to date total puts this year as the 12th largest permitted value in Bellevue's history.  With a few months to go, this year will land safely in the top 10

The largest permit issued for August 2017 was for an expansion of Viking Electric on Donbea Street.

For August, the Village  issued 3 single-family permits for the month to bring this years total to 27 with a total value of $6,572,500 (average of $243,425 per home).  In 2016 at this time a total of 24 single-family permits had been issued with a total value of $3,770,700 (average of $157,112 per home).  2016 finished up with 30 single-family permits issued for a total value of $5,578,041 which means that the value permitted for all of the single-family in 2017 exceeds the entire total for 2016 with 3 fewer homes built.